Meeting of the Players

425 AC

we all start off in the town of Garnet for some it is your home other you are just a traveller passing through. All players as normal would go and look at the postings on the town council building and notice, start talking and form a party to complete some of the council’s tasks.

Wanted Adventurers

StarPort under attack

Mercanaries needed to fight for High Clerists Tower

Missing Villagers from around Garnet

More contact high council member

Signed Darius Millerson, High Councilman

Starting the Game
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419 AC (38 SC)- The Great Storm:

Appearance of a Dead Hero:

Goldmoon’s Transformation:

Death of Dragons:

Destruction of the Citadel:

Fall of the Sheild:

Fall of the Green:

The Death of Goldmoon:

Fall of the Blue:

Council of the Gods:

The Dark Queen Unveiled:

Fall of the Red:

Silvanesti Besieged:

Return of the Good Dragons:

Death of the Queen and Return of the Gods:

420 AC (39 SC)-The Here and Now:

Ansalon is now facing the dawn of a new era.


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