A Neidar community located at the western edge of the Garnet Mountains. It was located half between Caergoth and Thelgaard Keep. It was founded prior to the Cataclysm and was a village known primarily for it’s trading. Following the Cataclysm the town remained in good relations with the underground cities of the Kayolin.

The village of Garnet was a self-sufficient town following the Cataclysm. Life in Garnet continued on as normal in the years following the event. Trade was established with the Solamnics in the north. The town was a key trading point with several cities in Solamnia, with the city known for having strong warhorses and wool markets.

A high wall that had two dualgates on the northern and southern sides surrounded Garnet. These gates stood on the main road that ran from Garnet into the Kayolin realm. The houses and shops built inside of Garnet were a mixture of wood and stone buildings.

The city was divided into three sections based on the residents living there. There was a dwarven, human and gnome section of the city, which were all ruled by a three-member council that was elected from the different sections of the city. This was done so that the best interest in Garnet would be carried out and not a specific groups.

Roseflower Inn

The Roseflower Inn is an inn located in the Kayolin city of Garnet. It has benches outside that one may sit at, and you may be served outside. It is known to serve a good ale named the Coastlund Red.

Granny’s Garter

Granny’s Garter is a tavern located in the city of Garnet. While riding by the tavern, scantily clad women dance on an upper balcony. Loud music emanates from the establishment, in the form of drums, lutes, pipes, and mandolins.

Kaolyn Hole

The Kaolyn Hole was a tavern or inn located in the city of Garnet.

Temple to Shinare


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